Graduates of MRF-YEP


Abraham Mbuthia, 22

A daily report, published in February 2016 showed that 36,000 businesses had Lipa Na Mpesa. Fascinating, right? Most businesses however, lack the ability to improve their efficiency because it means investing in expensive technology, therefore businesses shy away from using technology to better manage their operations.

UzaPoint is the most simple, affordable and innovative ERP solution for SMEs that need to monitor real-time sales, generate accounting reports, manage inventory, multiple payments and credits.

At the moment, UzaPoint has been sold to 4 enterprise customers in Kenya and two in Tanzania. We also have a growing list of potential customers who have expressed interest in Uzapoint

By the end of 2017, we will have moved our revenues from the current KES 3.5M to KES 5M. We are working towards scaling UzaPoint from 4 enterprise customers to over 1,000 SME customers.

Better business management triggers brighter sales




Brian Maritim, 24Page-6-Image-105

Skye-technologies is a fast-growing international software development company specializing in a wide range of niche services. We are a collaboration of different talents and skills working together, constantly exceeding our clients operations.

Our services include web design, website development, web optimization, system design and development.

Over the past six months Skye technologies has also been developing its own products for the market. Key among these products is Skye-Search, a mobile search engine. The Mobile search engine set to launch in December, seeks to revolutionize search experience through its cutting-edge design and innovative features.

Powering future technologies


Page-7-Image-107BARN SOLUTIONSPage-7-Image-108

Bryan Mwaura, 28


We are an advertising, branding and advertising company.

Our main focus is to venture into digital visual advertising using interactive visual display screens. Our mission is to revolutionalise Kenya’s advertising world using a niche concept

Big ideas that truly matter




Catherine Wahito Kibugi, 30

KartUa is an enterprise that deals with customized, luxurious handmade crafts to suite a client’s need for his/her desired event. KartUa is currently working on large exaggerated flowers as photobooths, centrepieces, window displays, brand activations, flower backdrops,wall decor etc.

All made on order for:

  • events -weddings,cocktails,launches, babyshowers, bridal showers, birthdays
  • interior design
  • photoshoots
  • editorials


Page-8-Image-110AFRIKAIN LTD

Daniel Gitau, 29

Kenya produces 1000’s metric tonnes every year of avocado. Most of it is exported to Europe but at a cheap price from farmers. People like the avocado due to its nutrients content, but the problem it doesn’t last long in the shelf since it is a perishable fruit.

Afrikain Co. Ltd is in the value addition chain where is coming up with Avocado Margarine. This is a product that will give a consumer an alternative in the shelf, transform the health of people and care for the society through assured market and competitive pricing. It’s the next big thing

Because you need it



Page-8-Image-112Page-8-Image-113AFRICARTRACK INTERNATIONALPage-8-Image-111

Douglas Rugano, 29 & Jacob Rugano, 26

AfricarTrack International Ltd is an award winning company that offers Advanced GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Systems to: Individual car owners, Public Service Vehicles, Companies and Governments. Our clients are able to track, monitor and manage their vehicle(s) using a Mobile Application, Online Web-based Platform and SMS Option. With over 39 million Kenyans accessing mobile phones, it has

become very easy for motor vehicles to keep a closer eye on their vehicles.

Our solution addresses; misuse of company vehicles, vehicle theft and crimes, reducing vehicle accidents, recovery of stolen vehicle(s) and mileage inflation. 

Covered by CNN, CCTV, KTN, Good Morning Africa (South Africa), Ebru Africa TV, Business Daily, The Nairobian, The Daily Nation, All Senses Magazine

Awarded African Achievers Awards 2015, South Africa Awarded Entrepreneurship for Impact East Africa 

Awarded the Next Big Thing 2015

“Your security guaranteed”




Duncan Muchiri, 22

Beeper Securities is a company that gives tomorrow’s security solutions today. We use the latest in technology, such as facial recognition and text reading, to allow or deny access to both homes and commercial buildings. The increase in insecurity issues within the country, from extremists targeting Kenya to smaller crimes around the country makes Kenya inhabitable and unfavorable for investors. We aim to make Kenya a safe place to call home , by working on security solutions from our roads down to where it matters most, our homes. Beeper securities works with partner institutions to provide the most viable and acceptable security solutions, specifically tailored for every customer to ensure provision of affordable surveillance and maintenance of their systems.

“Delivering tomorrow’s solutions today.” 




Edith Wairimu Kungu, 28

Beautiful Homes Kenya (BHK) is a home decor store based in Membley, Ruiru, that specializes in the provision of customized indoor and outdoor decor solutions. We are committed to help our our clients add beauty and style into their homes and spaces.

Our products are both locally sourced and imported; ranging from wall art, lighting fixtures, furniture among others. We also provide paint works and landscaping services. We also run an online shop; delivering products to clients countrywide.

Define your space


Page-10-Image-116TEMBO LABS LTD.

Eric Kiilu, 27

Innovation is the primary tool of growth at Tembo Labs Ltd. Our innovative activities span right from scratch ideation to launch.

We combine diverse understanding of customer insights with our technological expertise, to invest in developing powerful innovative products that delight and meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our priority innovation areas are e-commerce, business intelligence, and education.

Its people who matter



Erick Mudogo, 27

Naweza is a social enterprise that provides employment to youths living with disability.

Naweza provides world-class services in data entry, graphic design, transcribing and web development among others, all done by youths living with disabilities. By doing this, they get to earn a decent living and become self-reliant.

We can


Page-11-Image-118MADE IN NAIROBIPage-11-Image-119

Florence Wanjugu, 23

There are hundreds of startups and tech companies offering different services in Nairobi.

We help you discover, learn about and engage them. All in one place. We bring you a comprehensive listing of Nairobi tech companies, with at least 50% of the front and back end code for the website or application written in Nairobi.

Discover, Learn, Engage



Page-11-Image-120NITCH CREATIONSPage-11-Image-121

Hutchinson Murage, 28

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph and Graphics.

Nitch is a photography, branding, media and digital advertising company that offers its services to corporates and individuals alike, during events such as launches, weddings, etc

The purpose of Nitch Creations is to give visual and mental satisfaction, for said adverts, commercials and marketing purposes to all that come to request our services.

We are driven by a three letter word ‘God’, and all that we do is, Praise and Glorify Him through our work. We hope that we may soon be of service to you.

Capture Dreams



Ian Mati, 23Page-12-Image-123

Vintara is an accessory brand that focuses on the sale of bags, shoes and neck pieces with a touch of Vintage and Ankara fabric, hence the word Vint-ara.

The brand has established itself securely through consistent deliveries to clients and creating new accessories every now and then. Clients access our products through our social media platforms (on Facebook, Instagram and twitter – @vintaracollections), shops in malls (Westgate, Yaya Centre and Garden City) and Beth International duty-free shops at the airport.

Our sales last year were KES 684,000 with a profit margin of kshs 140,445. As at October, this year we have done sales of KES 1.2 million with profits of KES 244,770. We project to finish the year having done 2 million in sales and profits of KES 644,770.

Little things that make heads turn”


Page-12-Image-124STUDY IN KENYA

Janet Ngugi, 29Page-12-Image-125 is convenient for anyone looking to pursue their dream course in an institution of higher learning in Kenya-at click of a button, and since that course is probably offered in more than one institution, you can compare the same course in different institutions and choose what suits your needs.

Your future begins here



John Muriango, 27Page-13-Image-127


Our purchase decisions are guided by the info we have, however, presence of clutter confuses consumers thus causing them to make inappropriate purchase decisions.

Our goal is to offer a platform where clients can easily compare medical insurance products available in the market and then purchase what suits them. The ultimate benefit of the iBimasure system is that it enhances the overall image of modern healthcare. Consumers demand not only convenience but also peace of mind – iBimasure offers both.

Our revenue comes from subscription and commission on sales of policies. With a KES 1.5 M investment, iBimasure can be cash flow positive in twelve months. In the time you have read this, five people have been admitted to hospital and four of them have challenges of raising health care bills. Help us help them.

Peace of mind”




Joshwa Tambo, 29

K-shoes is a social enterprise venturing into customized recycled footwear. The enterprise utilizes pieces of fabric (Kitenge) from tailors, remains of leather from carpenters, leather boards, old jeans and used vehicle tires to create high quality fashionable, flexible, comfortable and durable customized footwear.

We believe that bottom up approaches can be most effective in solving social problems in the communities without necessarily depending on external donation aid but on investment instead. We utilize talents of skilled artisans and locally available trash(wastes materials) to design and produce shoes with social mission.

Improving lives”


Page-14-Image-129ELON VENTURES LTD.Page-14-Image-130


Kennedy Kahiri, 25

ROOMMATE is a subscription based hostel management system that aims to solve the massive problem of students in institution of higher learning to secure affordable accommodation spaces.

We work with colleges and privately owned hostels to offer the students the ability to search,book and pay for accommodation within the college or outside the college from the comfort of their phone.

Search, book & pay for hostels online”



Kenneth Kibui, 30

Utafitini is a data collection, analysis and aggregation hub. We help companies and individuals visualize and derive meaningful insights from their data, infused with other data sets relevant to their business goals.

Data on steroids”



Page-15-Image-134Page-15-Image-133KAYA SOLUTIONS LTD.

Michael Mburu, 23

Are you a tenant? Do you hate paying fees late or queueing at the bank to pay rent? Are you a landlord or a property manager frustrated with all the paperwork and hustle that comes with property management?

We are a rent payment and collection platform that enables tenants to pay rent online through mobile money and offers bank-to-bank transfers into their landlords’ accounts. We also provide hassle-free reconciliation, streamlined communication with tenants and free vacancy listings to landlords. Kodipay is safe, fast and convenient and promises to make renting easier…for everyone.

Sign up today at

Renting made easier”


Page-15-Image-135GENTEEL FASHION & GROOMINGPage-15-Image-136

Sam Omindo, 23 |

Genteel is a fashion & creative brand that creates custom-made suits for men.

One of the things that makes us unique is, the use of bold, understated and colorful inner linings. A testament of the Kenyan Cultural Idiosyncrasies and British craftsmanship infused in our products & services. Our products not only end up telling a story of the client’s personality but also make them feel more confident and comfortable.

Over the past 10 months, Genteel has generated revenue of more than KES 500,000, met more than thirty clients, and has been featured in Drum East Africa Magazine, Couture East Africa Magazine. We are set to launch our first collection at the Polka Dot Art Gallery in Karen, early 2017.

Image is half the story told”



Page-16-Image-137MARCREA INTERNATIONALPage-16-Image-138

Tevin Waiguru, 22

Marcea International is a digital advertising agency that specialises in helping MSMEs advertise their products and services by developing cost effective pay-per-click advertising campaigns and search engine optimisation techniques.

Tevin started out his career as a digital marketing consultant, helping brands such as Vivo Activewear and Oracle Edge formulate their digital strategies to capture and attract their target audience. He has also ventured into film making, on seeing the enormous quality gap that wasn’t being met in the B2B market, and has continued to work with some big brands in the production of their ads, such as Saravanna Bhavan and Tembea To, a travel marketing platform.

Search & pay per click advertising for disruptive brands”


Page-17-Image-140BILLOUT KENYA LTD.

Alex Mutitu, 32 & Felix Ngari, 27Page-17-Image-141 |


‘bailoutbuddy’ is a free Mobile Application available on Google Play store. Our aim is to educate motorists about the traffic offenses and what they are required to pay when taken to court. The customers, who must be above eighteen years, are eligible for bail out upon registering on the app after 24hrs. However, non-members are considered as well and encouraged to register.

Other services offered on the platform include lawyers, cabs, mechanics, breakdown, ambulances, doctors, firefighters and police contacts. All these service providers pay an annual fee to be listed on the mobile application.

Everybody loves freedom”




Ann Bundi, 27Page-17-Image-143

Crystals Eventique is an Events Management Company that offers its customers custom solutions. Our range of products and services include, management and planning, event rentals eg( tents, chairs, tables, lighting) and decor.

Style nurtured, happiness cherished”


Page-18-Image-144SAVITO KENYAPage-18-Image-145

Catherine Gitau, 21

Savito Kenya is a registered private company that aims to improve savings levels in Kenya using technology. This is achievable through a holistic approach in savings by facilitating a secure App-based, goal-oriented savings product.

The App will enable savers to outline financial goals, provide a platform to channel savings to financial institutions as well as ensuring savers keep track of their financial goals through constant reminders. To impart financial skills the company also aims at delivering financial literacy through a blog: ultimately steering savers to financial independence.

Save it all



Page-18-Image-146BEST CARE NANNIES

Elizabeth Githinji, 23

In today’s modern world, where a lot more women often work outside the home, most new mothers often have to go back to work after a month or two after delivery. It is relatively harder for most new mothers to find well-trained house manager’s whom they can easily trust with their baby(s).

Best Care Nannies identifies this growing need and seeks to bridge the gap between house helps and homeowners. We employ the very best into training house helps on the best ways of handling children and running house chores. Best Care Nannies hopes to not only be a co-creator of employment, but to improve the overall househelp experience for all.

Professional homecare solutions



JINO TAMUPage-19-Image-148

Elizabeth Litali, 22

Jino Tamu is a baking company located in South C along Mombasa Road, founded in December 2015. Jino Tamu focuses on the interest of a regular and loyal customer base with its variety of homemade gourmet double cupcakes and fresh cream cakes. The pastry products are made from scratch and are infused with natural ingredients. Important to note is that our items not only taste delicious, but look appealing and attractive to the eye.

Jino Tamu offers delivery services for our baked goods to our customers for their convenience. Our aim is to create memories through the treats for events and even just to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings

Inspired by lovers of fine tastes”




Emmanuel Matiro, 24

Bespoke Essentials, is an image and apparel brand that deals in professional attire mainly men’s suits along with other clothing. We work with highly experienced tailors within the local industry to effectively deliver to the Nairobi market.

We also offer corporate image consultancy and provide apparel that allow our clients to dress in an easy and effective way in whichever official setting. We target individuals looking to sharpen their image to a modern and classy outlook.

Functionality, utility & value for money”



Page-20-Image-152PERISCOPE PURVIEWPage-20-Image-153

Fannis Mwende, 27

Periscope Purview is a writing and editing company whose content is inspired by love (God) and is for love. We believe that all human beings derive their moral compass from knowing that there is a Supreme Being who desires that if nothing else, we love one another because this love makes all the difference in the world.

We create authentic ‘double-edged’ content, that challenge us to seek to learn and grow in love, while meeting the client’s (specific) needs. We deliver our content mainly through bookmarks and cards.

Through the Foundation, we have grown exponentially over the past six months from a simple idea to now having a dedicated team on board handling editorial and publishing content.

“Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.” -Abraham Joshua Herschel

With words I create a better world”





Jimmy Brian, 23

Upekuzi Kenya is a free online news blog aimed at sharing independent and reliable news and information both from national and international sources.

Our vision is to become the best news site, and create job opportunities by hiring writers and reporters across Kenya.

We cover political, county, campus, business, technology, sports and lifestyle stories.

We care about sharing”


Page-21-Image-156LYONS ANALYTICSPage-21-Image-157

John Mugendi, 25

Lyons Analytics (trademark: Ly.An) is an advanced data analytics firm. We help people and organisations make decisions based on scientifically proven methods with a high degree of accuracy.

We do this by looking into your past, present and the environment surrounding you (including social media, internet etc.), and use that to predict how the future is most likely going to be like, and more importantly, what you can do about it.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to empower anybody to make decisions about anything based on what matters to them most. We endeavour to do this by understanding a person holistically and based on that, deliver great value to them.

Imagine, Explore, Discover”



Judith Nduta, 25 & Stella Wairimu, 24

We make organic Africa’s finest natural oils and butters for hair and skin.

We celebrate Kenyan and African beauty, and encourage women to love the hair and skin they’re in.

We love your kinks”



Kenneth Wainaina, 26Page-22-Image-161

Wentworth Enterprises is a specialized retailer of office solutions covering the provision of ICT hardware and software, computer accessories, office equipment, furniture and stationery. We aim to provide quality office solutions to our clients in a timely manner and in this way help our customers achieve their goals.

Wentworth has tapped into, and benefitted from, the opportunity provided by the government for Youth Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (YAGPO) and seeks to leverage on that experience to enter into military and defence contracting.

Back to the basics”


Page-23-Image-162JERGO INTERNATIONALPage-23-Image-163

Kenrick Goro, 24

Jergo International is a private limited company that deals in the supply and delivery of construction materials. Our ranges of products are sand, cement, ballast, stones and plumbing materials. We give you value for money as our products are durable, of supreme quality and very affordable. At Jergo International professionalism is key and we are dedicated to meet your construction needs with efficiency and convenience.

A blend of our construction materials with the right contracting will see your construction last a lifetime. ‘It’s not the beauty of a building you should look at, it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.’- David Allan Coe.

Your construction supplies solution”



Page-23-Image-164AFROBIASHARA GROUPPage-23-Image-165

Leanne Peris, 26

We work with SME’s to increase their business value, ensuring that they are sustainably profitable and growing. We help them take advantage of their resources and people to achieve company goals. Our recommendations challenge the norm and consistently achieve the extraordinary.

We help you develop yourself as an entrepreneur and grow your business one step at a time. We are passionate about growing businesses to make more money.

Our products include: Business Advisory, data analytics and mystery shopping.

Minding your business”



Page-24-Image-166RIVERWALK OUTDOORSPage-24-Image-167


Lisette Gachanja, 26

Riverwalk Adventures is an outdoor adventure company, whose programs are centered on experiences that shape positive outcomes. We’re all about learning, sharing and growing-the adventurous way

We work with schools, corporate institutions and other organized groups in delivering holistic and professional programs that foster adventure-based learning, outdoor education, Leadership Development, and Personal Discovery through activities such as Group Challenges, Scavenger Hunts, Camping, Hiking, Orienteering, Climbing, Abseiling, Archery, Mountaineering, Rafting, Canoeing and everything in between.

Learn, share, grow”

Page-24-Image-168CUSCO HEALTH LTD.Page-24-Image-169

Lynnet W. Kinuthia, 25

CUSCO Health Limited is a fast growing healthcare company that seeks to promote paediatric safety and health awareness among the underserved sections of the population.

The company does this by working closely with families on care and safety skills as well as County governments through increasing access to surgical services across the Country. Some of our clients include: I&M Bank Ltd, Rotary Club of Langata, County Government of Muranga, County Government of Lodwar, County Government of Kericho among others.

Lynnet holds a BSc in Food Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Nairobi. She has extensively coordinated over twenty medical and surgical camps around the country

Your health is our concern”



Page-25-Image-170UZERO Page-25-Image-171

Moses Macharia, 21

Uzero is a print and brand house dedicated to giving our customers a unique and outstanding brand identity delivered in unmatched quality, customer service and cost-efficiency. From concept to design to printing, we make sure we provide a tailored, one-of-a-kind service for our clients. With a focus on quality production, consistency and speedy delivery, anything is possible – you just have to believe. Our products and services include: Design, Printing; ordinary and large format – black and white and coloured. i.e, Posters, Business cards, Flyers, Brochures, Magazines, reports, Banners, Vehicle branding, promotional products, clothing, stationery, 3D plotting and anamorphic designs and supply of LED screens.

“Look good, when you look good”




Nicholas Lutta, 21 |


A technology company that offers roadside assistance solutions by connecting drivers to roadside assistance service providers at their own convenience.

We also retail motor insurance packages from CIC insurance, Britam, Invesco, and UAP at the best market rates.

Our services are available online, through SMS and USSD platforms.

Choose Towrec today : Insurance with Assurance

Redefining Reliability”




Modern African Woman

Peris Githinji, 25

Modern African Woman is an online gift store that specializes on personalization of gift items. It was started in January 2015, with the primary aim of providing unique, yet affordable gift items.

Modern African Woman began with the idea of selling antique bracelets. However, after a few months of doing business, more and more people were interested in buying a variety of personalized gift items. We started with personalizing one item, that is; mugs and we have grown to having a variety of fifty other products that can be personalized.

Our main marketing platform on social media has been instagram, because our initial target group is between the age brackets of 18 to 25 years. We started with just five followers and over one year we have grown to over thirteen thousand five hundred followers.

Inspired by you”



Page-26-Image-174PRIMECARE WELLNESS COMPANYPage-26-Image-175

Peter Maina Gichuru, 26

PrimeCare Wellness Company Ltd is an award winning company that specializes in Onsite Advanced Wellness and Employee Motivation Mindset Evaluation systems for insurance companies in Kenya and Africa.

We offer very unique and innovative medical screening, nutritional counseling and employee mindset survey systems that use the modern technology and software.

Our wellness program system is mainly designed as holistic program that caters for both physical and mental wellbeing of our clients.

Your wellness, our concern”


Page-27-Image-176SHARIMAR AGENCIESPage-27-Image-177

Ruth Ndeto, 24

Sharimar is a social enterprise that aims to empower young vulnerable girls from poor disadvantaged backgrounds.

We target intelligent girls between the ages of 18 to 19 who have just finished high school but have no opportunity to proceed with their education due to poverty. Sharimar comes in, trains the girls and ensures that they are fit not only mentally but also psychologically for success.

After successfully completing the training, the girls are then fully equipped to handle clients and represent brands in protocol, marketing and promotional services.

A welcoming smile, an informed mind & a desire to serve”



Page-27-Image-178VEE MARKETINGPage-27-Image-179

Victoria Muthama, 24

Vee Marketing provides affordable marketing support to startups and small businesses.

The aim at Vee is to grow startups and small businesses through an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, development of effective marketing strategies and implementation of target campaigns.

The marketing guru”



Page-28-Image-180FAMOUS CONFECTIONERYPage-28-Image-183

Wamboi Muchori, 27

Famous confectioneries Limited is a company that deals with production of cakes and cookies. We supply our products mainly to supermarkets shops, schools and organizations in Kenya.

Our work is performed to the highest standards and carries our guarantee of satisfaction. We produce quality products to satisfy our clientele as to earn the respect within the industry and appreciation from our customers.

We look forward to offering the best products to our clients as we satisfy their different tastes and preferences.

“Quality products, from the baking masters



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